A sampling of my work over the past couple of decades:

David Bowie – Dead Man Walking (edit – 1997)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Programmer.
A perpetual favorite.

Charlie Winston – Hobo (2009)
Producer, Mixer.
#1 single/album (France).

The Cure - A Forest (2001)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Programmer.
My remix of The Cure classic.

Earl Slick feat. David Bowie – Isn’t It Evening (2003)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer, all of the instruments except guitar.
The one that got away.

Sam Moore - They Killed A King (Memphis, 2014)
Producer, Mixer, Guitar.
Amazing session in Memphis with Hi/Stax legends.

Catherine Ringer - Pardon (2011)
Producer, Mixer, Writer, most of the instruments.

Elysian Fields – For House Cats and Sea Fans (2013)
Great album.

Joan Osborne – Work On Me (2014)

Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop (2005)
Producer, Mixer.

Duncan Sheik – Wishful Thinking (1997)
Mixer, Bass

David Bowie - Bowie at the BBC Radio Theatre (London, 2000)
Producer, Mixer; Musical Director, Guitar/Bass.
One of the greatest gigs I ever played or mixed.